Making the Most of the Internet

Over the years, I have noticed that a lot of my clients do not use the Internet to its full capability.

They can send and receive e-mails, browse web pages, perhaps do a bit of shopping, but many have not fully embraced the technology. Many too have not added the protection to their computers to stop spam, offensive e-mails and criminal frauds.

So I started a series of notes that allowed clients, friends and family to understand the Internet better.

These notes have now grown into a book.

This has been designed to help you navigate the shark-infested swamp that the Internet has become, so that your business and personal life is made much simpler, less stressful and is considerably improved.

In the book, I have also deliberately avoided expensive solutions and methods, as there are enough people selling you this type of wasteful solution. A lot of the methods chosen are not only very good but free!

The book is arranged in three main sections :-

  • A simple narrative that explains the various functions of the Internet and how you can use them to advantage. I also attempt to predict how the Internet will affect us all in the next few years.

  • A series of appendices describing hardware, useful web sites and other major topics.

  • An A-Z index of more detailed techniques, problems and explanations of all that jargon.

Although it is simple and understandable to all, the book is not aimed at idiots or dummies. It is aimed at those who feel that for the health of their business or the improvement of their personal life, they need to understand and embrace the wonderful technology of the Internet.

At present the book is available from lulu, which is a book publishing site, or directly from the Author as a Luxury Edition.

The contents is available on the web site, whilst several of the first few chapters can be previewed as a PDF or Adobe Acrobat document. All have been designed for printing as A5 portrait and all copies will either be spiral bound or in a ring binder.

The web site also contains a blog, which is updated with new techniques and warnings on the latest scams. Note that the blog has been designed as a fully integrated part of the web site. Similar techniques can easily be used to create a company or personal news page for virtually any web site.

If you would like to see a full copy of the book or have a topic that you feel should be included, then do not hesitate to contact me.

James Miller
1st January 2006

Daisy Analysis Ltd., East Green Farm, Great Bradley, Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 9LU - 01440-783790