Making the Most of the Internet - Courses

The original purpose of the book was to be in addition to all the notes for the courses that I run.

The first course has now been approved by the Law Society for qualification for Continuous Professional Development points.

Proposed courses are as follows :-

  • Efficient Use of E-Mail

    E-mail is becoming increasingly important in our business and personal lives.

    But do we use it as efficiently and effectively as we can?

    This course has been designed to improve that use as much as possible by introducing techniques and methods, that will make life easier.

  • Investigating People, Companies, Organisations and Houses

    The Internet is a rich source of knowledge about people, companies, organisation and all types of property.

    This course shows you how to tap this resource using simple tools, such as Google and specialist software, that I have written

  • The Art of Blogging

    To many people, blogs or weblogs are just ego-driven bits of rubbish, that some use to display their prejudices and obscure views.

    This is often the case, but blogs are based on solid technology from reputable companies, such as Blogger. They are easily adapted to low cost news and diary pages for a company, organisation or individual's web site.

    This course shows how you can use a blog to keep your web site fresh and up to date, and make that site an important part of your marketing or communications strategy.

  • Threats, Spam, Hackers and Crooks

    This course is intended for network managers and describes in detail how and why crooks want to get hold of your network and computer. The various methods you can use for protection are outlined.

Courses are generally for small groups of people, usually by means of a PowerPoint presentation followed by a Question and Answer session. Alternatively, hands-on versions of the courses can be performed on a one-to-one basis.

James Miller
1st January 2006

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