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The Art of Blogging

To many people, blogs or weblogs are just ego-driven bits of rubbish, that some use to display their prejudices and obscure views. Others might say, that now that politicians have discovered blogging that we will all be bombarded with personal messages we have no intention of viewing.

These views are in part correct, but remember that blogs are based on solid, easy-to-use technology from reputable companies, such as Blogger, which is part of Google. Blogs are easily adapted to low cost news and diary pages for a company, organisation or individual's web site.

John Berry

Take the case of John Berry, who is a racehorse trainer in Newmarket in Suffolk. His blog is linked with his web site and serves as news, updates, diary and a lot more. For someone in a fast moving business like John, where every day is different and there are endless ups and downs, a blog is the ideal way to keep in touch with owners, fans, punters and anybody else who is interested.

John is not alone in taking the blog route to add current information to a business web site.

The Technology of Blogging

Look at any existing blog, that has been going for a few months and you will notice that every post is linked and archived. Many have a search bar too! Could you want anything better to help you find an article?

Blogs too are easily updated, by just typing in a subject and a message, and then hitting publish. They are easier to update and need less information to be entered than an e-mail.

So they have this simple and easy-to-update structure, that has got significantly better in the two years I have been writing a blog. They will get better and easier too, as by providing better technology they will have more and more users. This is a truly virtuous circle, which will mean that in the next few years, all news and diary pages on web sites will be blog-driven.

Integrating Blogs Into Web Sites

Blogger and other publishers allow the blog to be fully integrated and stored in the writer's web site. If you look at the blog associated with this web site, you will see that it looks and feels just like the main site.

But it was all created by Blogger and a template changed to reflect the format of the site.

The Course

The course has been designed to explain blogs and how they are currently used and should be in the future. It also shows how they are created, edited and published, and how they can be fully integrated into your current web site.

Course duration - 1 hour - 1 CPD Point      Cost - On Application

No Time For a Course?

We can create the integrated blog to lift you to the top in searches for about 300. Ask for a quote.

James Miller
1st October 2006

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