Cambridge Law

This web site is based on the three domain names;, and and is intended as a simple lead in to lawyers in the Cambridge area. Note that these domain names are for sale, for legitimate purposes.

I am writing this as someone who writes web sites, not as a consumer of legal services. Bear in mind though that I am married to a barrister and our middle son is a criminal defence lawyer. So I know more about the workings and failings of the law than most. I usually get told opinions that have not been censored.

So don't read anything on this web site as a recommendation for any lawyer.

It has also been written as a demonstration of the type of easy-access, printable web site, that I write for lawyers and other professionals.

•  The menu structure has been designed to be as simple as possible, so that any page is never more than a click away.
All pages are sized so that they print as A4 pages. This type of layout is not always the best, but where you are selling a product or service that needs to be understood and digested quietly over a coffee, then pages that are easily printed is very important.
The main pages of the web site are each self-contained and talk about one topic. Why not have a page for each type of work you do summarised on a single page?
The header and background for the pages have been made deliberately simple. Pictures could be added to improve style.
The links page contains a selection of legal links.
The news page is actually based on a blog, which has been modified to give it the same format as the rest of the site. Note that blogs are easily updated without the need to use any specialist software. If you can e-mail, then you can blog.
The contact page uses a simple contact form, which minimises spam.

Whether you agree with me or not, look at what I do and think very carefully about what you want on your web site.

James Miller
1st November 2006

Daisy Analysis Ltd., East Green Farm, Great Bradley, Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 9LU - 01440-783790