Celia Miller - Richard Evans

From Richard Evans - 11th December, 2007

I'm so sorry to hear the news James.

I remember Celia with particular fondness from the earlier days of Metier when we used to come up to Chez Miller for business meetings. She seemed usually surrounded by a gang of small boys and tolerated the intrusion of Roy, Robin, Brian, Derek and myself into your family life much as Gai tolerated a similar overlap between our family life and my business life. She was amazingly patient with it all and I thought managed to maintain an admirably clear boundary between family and business.

It was always clear to me how warm, strong and solid your relationship was and I've been aware in a rather distant way of how you have both developed your shared interests together over the last 20 years. Sadly I know that the downside to that is that it means you have now lost a partner, a companion and a best friend as well as losing your wife. I know how hard that can be.

I'm conscious that you have had only a short time to say goodbye to Celia whereas I had 9 months to say my farewells to Gai. I'm not sure which is preferable - I found it pretty tough nursing Gai through a long, slow decline but at least I had more time to say goodbye and to work through some of the feelings of loss, of sadness, of anger and of loneliness before she actually died. I guess all I can say is allow yourself to feel those feelings in the weeks to come - it's the best way of looking after yourself.

If I can be of any help just e-mail me or give me a call.

If you decide to have some sort of memorial service open to friends do please let me know because I'd like to try and come along and remember her - though it may not be posible because I am off to Denver on 28th Dec for the better part of a month to see my younger daughter Wendy and her family.

My sons Mark and David ask me to pass on their condolences to you.

Celia's passing sounds very peaceful and very loving - in her own home and surrounded by family and friends. We can ask for nothing more at that moment.

A lot of what Richard says about Celia and business meetings, also applied even more to his late wife, Gai. She put up with us every day of the week. And I suspect that meant Saturdays and Sundays as well.