Celia Miller - Barbara Mitchell

From Barbara Mitchell - 21st December, 2007

I don't really know how to begin this email as I am just so desperately sorry about Celia's untimely death. I feel really bad because I didn't get in touch with her when I heard at the sales that she was ill. I had no idea the time scale was so hideously short.

She seemd so well and positive and always dashing off to work after swimming or running - I used to get changed next to her at the Bedford Lodge and often swam at the same time as her. I always admired her jazzy shoes, some of which I believe you bought for her!

I have been reading your blog and hope it helps you to write it. There is government compensation for a death and yes, its complicated! I think I got bereavement benefit but it seamlessly became my pension when I was 60! For a man there should be the extra five years, so do persevere!

On behalf of all Celia's friends at the Bedford Lodge, I would like to say that we all miss her dreadfully. I'm sure she is watching over you and your family, and will be proud of the way you are coping.

Take care and stay strong.