Celia Miller - Lesley Maciver

From Lesley Maciver, who I met on the Internet - 16th December, 2007

Please accept my deepest sympathy.

I just got back from New Zealand and yours was the first message I read, informing us of Celia's death. I didn't realise that she was ill again and now I've been reading all the posts on the website.

I can't really believe it. How awful for all of you.

I gather that Celia, like my husband Iain, died sooner than might have been expected. Better, probably, to do so and escape months of suffering, - but oh, the shock. Nothing seems real for a while. (Will it ever, I wonder?)

I realise that neither of you were religious but I will think of you in my prayers. Might as well make use of any support from anywhere, don't you think?!

As I write this, I realise that it's actually about 1.30pm and I suppose you will all soon be gathering for your little ceremony. I can't manage a photo but I will certainly be thinking of you - yes, with a glass in my hand.

All the best.