Celia Miller - Images - Karen Cereso

Karen Cereso

I was shocked and sorry to hear the news of Celia's death- I am sure it is a difficult time for you and I am thinking of you.

As requested I include a picture of myself making a toast to her on Sunday. I am sorry about the cut on my finger - it's actually not that bad, just these horrid digital cameras that seem to highlight all the blemishes (and a few others to boot!).

I remember Celia with fondness and in friendship that went back to when I first joined Metier (1979). I was a few years younger than her but she always treated me as an equal and we had lots of good lunches at Marno's and at Crown Pools (where on a couple of occasions her robes were 'stolen' much to her horror! Actually they'd been temporarily confiscated by the pool staff because she'd left them on the hooks, refusing to bundle them into the mangy lockers!)

I always liked the fact that, though vocal about what she didn't like, she managed to do so with great humour- I like to think some of this trait rubbed off on me too (I don't always keep the humour it's true, but hopefully much of the time I do, and certainly in retrospect!)

Best wishes to you and the family. Sending you a hug, Karen