Celia Miller - Janet Bettle

From Janet Bettle - 11th December, 2007

Thank you, James, for letting me know. I found what you had to say immensely moving and I can't keep the tears away as I'm typing this.

I have a powerful memory of Celia from years back as I was battling on in a hopeless case before a Judge who wasn't really listening. Although Celia had only a watching brief that time (and many of us don't pay as much attention as we should in such circumstances) Celia was utterly on the ball and gave so much quiet encouragement, emphasising the rare points scored in cross examination with an audible 'well done!'.

Celia was always the first to suggest a decent coffee after we'd slugged something out in court and my memories of her will always have her sitting in many of the better coffee houses of East Anglia and whiling away some happy moments generally chewing the cud.

We will all miss her.