Celia Miller - Angela Crowe

From Angela Crowe, who is a friend we met, when she had the twins and Celia had George in the old Middlesex Hospital - 16th December, 2007

I was very proud to have known Celia as a friend and have so many happy memories of the days we spent when the children were little in London and then when you were in Debach.

Latterly I have relished the visits she paid to me up here and how we were so easily able to talk for hours ( and obviously put the world to rights during our conversations!)

She will be terribly missed but I hope that in time it will be easier to look back at the good times and smile. When my darling Neal died I made a promise to myself that I would laugh every day. It wasn't always easy but on the whole I managed it and if you can do that too I really believe that it will help.